Unvergessliche Feste Don Carlos Resort

Die Feste mit dem meisten Glamour in Marbella finden im Don Carlos Resort statt.

  • Midsummer Night’s Party


    If you prefer to just come for the party, you can book your place now!

    To book your place, please send an email to doncarlos@expogrupo.com or call 952 76 88 00.

    Admittance price:
    • €65 for adults
    • €32.50 for children (under 12 years old)

    We look forward to seeing you!

  • More information about the party


    • Midsummer Night at the Don Carlos Resort
    Every year, the Don Carlos Resort transforms its Beach Club on the night of June 23rd: rituals, shows and an exquisite buffet dinner to celebrate the shortest night of the year and make it even more special.

    Look at the fun we had in previous years

    • Tradition
    The San Juan festivity (Midsummer Night) is celebrated on June 23rd, the shortest night of the year. It represents the triumph of light over darkness, and fire is the great protagonist. From midnight, the tradition is to light a bonfire on the beach, dance around the fire and wash you face and feet in the sea, to fend off evil spirits.

    • For families, friends or couples
    The Midsummer Night’s party at the Don Carlos Resort is perfect for everybody.
    If you come with your family, the little ones will discover surprising activities with our animators and have great fun while you enjoy the event.
    Friends and couples coming to Don Carlos Resort on Midsummer Night will have a wonderful time, enjoying the exquisite dinner, the fireworks and the no-end of memories that will stay in their minds forever.

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