What brings to mind getting away from it all, outdoor life, peace and quiet, sun, relaxation...? Your body and mind need a rest, with the Be Relaxed programme of The Oasis by Don Carlos Resort you can get away from your everyday routine and enjoy a refreshing comfortable experience beside the sea.

The combination of luxury, the best care, the most exclusive services and the chance to be offered all you need for wellness care of your body and mind will make your stay simply unforgettable.

A personal trainer will guide you through every step so that you can get a good night’s sleep, bring serenity and equilibrium to your mind, release muscular tension and relax your back, spine and legs.

Pamper yourself, and enjoy peace and harmony to provide you with real sense of well-being.

Enjoy our programs

Examples of activities included in the Be Relaxed* programme:

Day 1
PT Yoga
Indocean Ritual

Day 2
PT Tai Chi
Steam bath
Hindu Journey to Happiness

Day 3
Private Customised Training Session
Geothermal Massage

* Subject to individual planning for each guest.

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