Would you like to look younger while spending a few days with the utmost comfort and relaxation? With the Be Young programme of Hotel Oasis, you can prevent your skin aging with the most efficient advanced treatments without giving up the highest service and comfort standards.

Every detail counts. That's why you will be provided with the services of the best professionals to give you advice on how to achieve your goal. You will feel refreshed and enjoy the pleasure of being pampered.

The anti-aging treatments will regenerate, rejuvenate and moisturise your skin providing it with vitality and luminosity. You will notice an immediate lifting effect that will smooth your expression lines.

Enjoy the most intimate and peaceful setting at the Resort, while you enhance your natural beauty to the full.

Enjoy our programs
Examples of activities included in the Be Young* programme:

Day 1
Olive Therapy
Renovateur Purete Extreme

Day 2
Private Customised Training Session
Renovateur Lift Fermete Anti Age 

Day 3
Private Customised Training Session
Sculpting Gold Facial

* Subject to individual planning for each guest.

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