Los Naranjos

The perfect place for any catering service, from private breakfasts to business lunches and gala dinners. It has huge windows with views of the garden and the Mediterranean Sea, a large terrace for offering cocktails beforehand, LED lighting with a wide range of colours so that you can customise your evening parties.

Its maximum indoor seating capacity is for 400 people and has a terrace for 700 people. This is an area that can be divided and adapted to smaller groups. It can also be used as an exhibition area and cocktails and coffee breaks can be offered on its large terrace.

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Los Naranjos de Don Carlos


  • Maße

    699,34 m2 - Width  22,65 m / Height 3,03 - 3,49 m / Lenght 36 m

  • Kapazität

    480 people in cocktail

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