Beach Club

Exclusive, unique, elegant, distinguished, there are no words to describe the beauty and exclusivity of the Don Carlos Beach Club.

Nestled right on the best beach in Marbella, it is the perfect place for holding parties and gala dinners at any time of the year. If you want to impress your guests, this is the perfect spot. Its versatility means you can hold the most elegant gala reception to the most informal barbecue, always with the superb elegance offered by this privileged venue.The place of your dreams for your wedding, with the absolute guarantee that each of your guests will be completely satisfied not only with the charm of the place but also our superb service

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  • Maße

    2865,69 m2 - Widht  57,65 m height   58,61 m lenght

  • Kapazität

    1000 people in cocktail

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