Children’s swimming pools at Don Carlos Resort

Club Mare Kids

Don Carlos Resort is an oasis of peace and quiet, so of course there are cold and warm pools, some for swimmers, for children, natural lagoon pools etc.

  • Children’s pool in the Hotel


    Club Mare Kids

    Fun and attractive, it is an independent pool with all the safety you want for your children. The children will really enjoy themselves in this children’s pool in the company of their parents who will be able to relax on the sun loungers around about. The children’s pool is next to Club Mare Kids and the heated pool.

  • Heated pool in Marbella


    Club Mare Kids

    This pool is perfect for those who want to relax by taking a dip in a swimming pool that is a few degrees warmer and it is also perfect for swimming due to its large size.

  • Beach Club Pool in Marbella


    Luxury 5 stars Hotel in Don Carlos Resort Marbella

    This is a spectacular natural lagoon pool, with waterfalls, and some areas deeper than others so that you can take a dip with the whole family.

  • Private, exclusive pool of Deluxe Villas


    Villas de lujo Marbella

    This pool is located in the private area of the exclusive Deluxe Villas, surrounded by gardens, and is perfect for a day of sunbathing while the children splash about in the water.

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