Don Carlos Marbella Tropical Gardens

Gardens hotel Marbella

A spectacular tropical garden

A welcome cascade. From here, waters flow along a stream where fish, toads and water lilies provide a touch of life and color to pond in the hotel gardens. The sound of water joins with the tropical song birds that live among tropical birds that live among the trees, making you feel like you’re in a real jungle.

  • Gardens full of activity


    Yoga, pilates, Personal Trainer… Choose the activity that suits you best and practice in the Hotel Don Carlos gardens. In addition, if you like running, follow the jogging circuit around the gardens.

  • Relaxing experiences in the gardens of the hotel


    Imagine receiving one of the most stimulating massages in the cool shade of the hotel gardens. This is the perfect combination of SPA and gardens for guests who are looking for extreme relaxation.

  • A unique event in every corner


    A wedding in the gardens of the hotel, a special meeting, a birthday, etc. The gardens are the perfect location to hold your event, no matter what it is. In the French-style Glorieta, or in the Vai-Tahi, an aphrodisiac enclave, surprise your guests with a seducitve atmosphere.

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